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Women Who Kick Ass Panel SDCC 2014

Thank you JESUS!!!!!!


okay let me just rant about cordelia goode and misty day for a minute

they are such important characters and i feel like no one besides the fandom ever talks/talked about them. as individuals they were so important and their relationship (regardless of whether you think of it as a friendship or something more) was so special. 

cordelia showed so much love for everyone despite the fact that she was so tortured and everyone put her through shit. she was so caring and always put the girls first and all they did was shit on her. the only person who reciprocated that love was misty. misty saw so much in cordelia and she saw how important she was. she knew cordelia was destined for great things and she knew how great of a leader and person she was. and cordelia believed in misty too. she would always encourage misty to keep trying because she knew she had it in her and she knew she was more powerful than she thought she was. they didn’t know each other for long but they understood each other on this deeper level and had such an important connection. so important that cordelia seemed to take misty’s death harder than the deaths of her mother and the person who acted as a mother to her her whole life. 

with all these things put into consideration, i don’t understand why no interviewer has ever asked lily or sarah about the connection between the two characters. misty is never discussed in any interviews, and cordelia is only discussed when they talk about her relationship with fiona and when they talk about how she’s the supreme. i’m just really angry and i will never let cordelia and misty go because they are so important to me and i want to hear more about them. 

thank you for your time.

100% agree.  We have so many questions, yet the media spends a lot of time asking questions a simple google search could answer.  I would kill to know what Sarah thought about Cordelia’s response to Mistys passing.  How does lily feel about Mistys end? 

All ya’ll meeting Sarah/Lily, you’d be doing us all a huge favor if you asked!

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She won’t answer her damn phone (or she’s ignoring me tbh), but lookit I got mail from robichauxs-murder-asylum and I’m flipping my shit!  Seriously, I cried.  I’m so lucky to have met her, she’s truly my Kind of Woman. <3



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Robin Wright and Jimmy Fallon dancing to Turn Down For What

So apparently Ryan Murphy told Lily Rabe (and every other witch) that she was going to be the next supreme.  But then at some point he must have taken her aside and said, “Just kidding swamp bitch, you’re goin’ to HELL!!”

And we wonder why she’s not back for season 4.


So there is like 5 mins. from the AHS panel in the middle of this. The frist I have found. I thank this kid from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY. Thank you random fanboy!!

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Sarah Paulson creeps out fans backstage while filming Freak Show.

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helena bonham carter

i liked pretending to be other people: i could reinvent myself, reinvent my own reality.